Getting Involved on Campus

Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I’m a ¾ Mechanical Engineering major from Staten Island, NY and this is my second year as a Peer Leader! Coming to college is a big transition that you may or may not be prepared for. This milestone in your life means you’ll encounter levels of independence that you may not have experienced before. From my experience at Stevens I’ve learned that there is so much you are able to do on campus and the opportunities are endless to explore your interests and passions.

As a school that is on the smaller scale, Stevens is able to naturally harbor a close knit community. But just because we’re a small school doesn’t mean that we’ve limited ourselves to what clubs and activities we can be a part of, in fact, it makes it a lot easier to know what’s going on around campus because someone will always know. Some great resources I’ve always used to see what events are happening around campus or even in Hoboken are through Ducklink, the Corq app, and our Instagram pages @followstevens and @stevensstudents. We’re always on social media, so it’s really convenient being able to open an app that shows all of our campus or events or go to a website that shows you all of our organizations and when they have meetings and cool opportunities to take advantage of.

Stevens does a really great job at giving its student

SGA Cabinet at inauguration.

s the chance to find their home away from home. There are endless organizations to get involved with: Greek life, club sports, political clubs, professional societies, arts and music, Student Government Association, cultural and identity-based organizations and so much more . Every year, we have Flock Party, which is a great event that gives you the chance to meet people from different organizations and really see which ones you’d be interested in. It may seem intimidating at first because you could like a ton of clubs and not know which ones to devote most of your time to at first, but it’s always best to try everything out your first year and prioritize where your interests truly lie and what you’d like to stay committed to while at Stevens. Even if you miss bigger events like flock party, you’ll always be able to find orgs on either social media or their Ducklink page and just contact them for more info! Like I mentioned, Stevens may be a smaller campus, but it definitely pays off because you’re bound to find people with similar interests as you and really click with them, but it’s also super easy to try new things and broaden your horizons!

Getting involved definitely extends beyond just clubs and sports on campus. Maybe something you’d like to devote time to is more academic or career-oriented. One of the things I love most about Stevens is the great research projects you could find through talking to different professors and faculty members across campus. After both my freshman and sophomore year, I was able to work on research over the summer that was funded by places like NASA and the Air Force. Aside from research, you could get involved by becoming a tutor for one of your favorite classes or even becoming a teacher’s assistant or grader after your first semester or year at Stevens. The professors at Stevens are truly the best and always encourage innovation and collaboration, so don’t hesitate to reach out to any faculty member about a class, project, or even just academic and career advice! In addition to our faculty, the career center does an amazing job at guiding Stevens students through their careers and I highly encourage you to take advantage of the resources that they have to offer and the weekly workshops they hold throughout the semester.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that you not only get involved on campus, but within the Hoboken community as well. We’re located in arguably the best town in New Jersey, which means that a lot of Hoboken culture overlaps with Stevens culture. There’s always opportunities to volunteer across the city and to truly embrace all of the local shops, restaurants, and festivals that makes Hoboken the perfect college town. Definitely take the chance and try some new food, spend an afternoon on one of the piers, and make Stevens your home by taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

Samantha Molla, Mechanical Engineering