Move In Day

Hello everyone! My name is Reva and I am a sophomore Industrial and Systems Engineer from Princeton Junction, New Jersey! I’m so happy to be welcoming you to Stevens and sharing my experience from moving in just last year. I know there is probably so much you are preparing for but try not to worry too much! Orientation and meeting new people is going to be so exciting and take your mind off of the transition to college.

With the new safety precautions, moving in is going to look different as you will move in with your family instead of everyone at the same time. Still, going to see your new dorm or suite is so exciting and can be a fun experience!


If you’re like me, and love packing and organizing, here are a few tips to make moving in more efficient! I recommend having your smaller things in boxes and secured so other people can move your things without damaging them. It is also extremely helpful when your suitcases and boxes are labeled with your dorm and room number. I remember bringing along some small cleaning supplies for the desk and dressers before I unpacked as well. I truly enjoy this so if you have any questions or want to talk more please reach out!

When you return to campus for the first day, it might seem overwhelming with so many things going on and staying on campus when your family leaves. Try to keep a positive attitude and an open mind going into orientation, and your awesome peer leader and staff are always there for you. I hope this helped and we can’t wait to meet you!


Reva Grover, Industrial and Systems Engineer