What’s New on Campus

Hey everyone! My name is Jayden Pereira and I am a junior Computer Engineering student. I’m from Woolwich Twp, NJ (20 minutes from Philly and Delaware). I do a lot of things on campus including being a Peer Leader, iSTEM, and being a part of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Since coming into Stevens, I’ve seen this campus quite literally grow – here’s some of the newest things on campus to look out for!


Gateway Academic Buildings – Okay, I’m not going to understate how awesome the study areas are and just how nice these new academic buildings are. Whether you are there just for classes or just need a place to study, it’s arguably the nicest place on campus (unless there’s a view to NYC because I’m a sucker for the skyline). There’s tons of spaces like the super comfy chairs in Gateway South and the really cool recessed tables on the second floor of Gateway North.

Gateway Cafe – New small spot on campus to order food. If you’re around Babbio or Burchard and Red and Grey Cafe is too full, here’s a reminder that you don’t have to walk all the way to America’s Cup (ACup) or Colonel John’s (CJ’s). This new place is also really great for anyone living in River Terrace!

New Student Center – Formerly the Alexander House, it’s been fully renovated and is currently home to the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Undergraduate Student Life, and the Office of Community Standards and Title IX. It also is home to a few Student Organizations like The Stute (our school newspaper) and the Student Government Association (SGA).

Student Housing and University Center Construction – Over the summer, there’s been some exciting progress towards the new construction for a 3 story university center and residential towers. Everything is on schedule for a Fall 2022 opening and the towers already are above the 12th floors! Workers have been completing the floor of each tower every 4-5 days which is super exciting to see and I can’t wait to utilize the state-of-the art university center when it’s all done!

Jayden Pereira, Computer Engineering

Living On-Campus

Hi y’all! I’m Leticia, a 2/4 mechanical engineering major from Wharton, NJ. I still feel new here at Stevens because I don’t really feel I ended my freshman year with it all going online but being on campus for most of it was pretty spectacular. My favorite part of it all, was how close classes were from the dorms, especially Davis. I’d wake up 10 minutes before class, Grubhub a delicious Red & Gray sausage ,egg, and cheese croissant sandwich and arrive at class on Leticiatime. I love the fact that we are a small campus because everything is within arms reach. Food, classes, teachers, friends, study areas, everything. 


When Stevens returns back to normal, going to events will definitely be something I’ll be coming back for. I went to a lot of events intentionally and unintentionally. When I would have time between classes, I’d find myself in the middle of some sort of festival/art fundraiser/ thanksgiving feast without knowing that they were there. (Now I use the Corq app to be in the know of events.) I’d just walk up to the sign up table and show my event pass. Some advice I’d give to incoming students is to sign up for anything you might think is fun and interesting. Each sign up is another experience you wouldn’t have had before. Sign up for a club and go to the General Body Meeting (GBM) to get a feel for it and see if you like it. All groups are very welcoming and want you to take part in whatever they do. There’s always something to do on campus. 


Now with Covid-19 though, there might be less in person events to go to but this is exactly when you should join things on campus. Easier access to the clubs, more relaxed environment, and a fun place to get to know more people. Even if you feel a bit shy or anxious, just know that whatever you join and whatever you do on campus will benefit you in the long run as you’ll meet new friends and make wonderful memories that’ll last.


Leticia Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering

Public Transportation in Hoboken

Easy access to many different forms of public transportation is one of the things that makes Hoboken so fun! With one quick bus or train ride, you can be in New York City, Jersey City, or many places within New Jersey.


To get to NYC:

Being only 15 minutes away from New York City opens up a whole world of opportunities, both professional and social. From externships to concerts to pop-ups to good eats, the city has so much to offer, and I would highly recommend taking as many (safe!) trips there as you can manage to squeeze in! There are two main ways to get to NYC from Hoboken: NJ Transit buses and the PATH train.

The 126 bus line of NJ Transit stops on every other block of Washington Street and drops you off at Port Authority. The fare is only $3.50; you can download the NJ Transit app to easily buy tickets and track when the next buses arrive at each stop.

The PATH station, along with the NJ Transit train station and Light Rail station, is located at the very end of downtown Hoboken in the Hoboken Terminal (if you can spot the big tower that says “Lackawanna” on it, the stations are right under it!). There are two PATH


lines that start in Hoboken, one going to downtown New York and stopping at the World Trade Center and the other going to uptown New York and stopping at 33rd Street. Find the full PATH map here: https://www.panynj.gov/path/en/schedules-maps.html. You can use an NYC Metrocard to pay your PATH fare, which is $2.75.

To get to Jersey City:

If you’re in the mood to go to a mall or Target, Jersey City is your best option. The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line can be used to get to the Newport Center in just about 10 minutes. The Light Rail departs from the Hoboken Terminal and the fare to the Newport Center is $2.25. The nearest Target is about a 15 minute walk from the mall. The Light Rail can also be tracked on the NJ Transit App. For more information about where the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line goes, check out this map: https://d2g63oyneaimm8.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/pdfs/light-rail/sf_lr_hblr_map.pdf.

To travel within New Jersey:

Whether you’re from New Jersey finding an easy way to get home or from out of state trying to visit the shore, NJ Transit will get you where you need to go. Though PATH and Light Rail also have destinations to other major Jersey locations (most importantly, Newark station), the most effective and far-reaching way to travel within the state is by bus or on train. The NJ Transit app is extremely helpful for both of these methods. The maps, stations, and transfers can get a bit confusing, but with practice and a lot of reliance of Google Maps, you’ll get the hang of it! Fares for both depend on how far you’re travelling. To find more information about NJ Transit, visit their website: https://www.njtransit.com/.

Hoboken is highly connected to many great destinations throughout New Jersey and New York. There is so much to do and see in the area, and one of the most important things Stevens gives you is the opportunity to experience all of it! In your time in Hoboken, take every chance you can get to explore the city, go shopping with friends, or take a break by visiting your hometown. It will enrich your college experience and help you make unforgettable memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Suzy Shailesh, Computer Science

Eating in and Around Hoboken

Although your freshman year meal plan may include more than enough food, there will come a time when you get tired of Pierce dinners and America’s cup sandwiches and have to venture out to Washington St. to change up your diet. Here is a guide to some of the best spots in Hoboken to try during your time at Stevens.

There may be a ton of bagel places scattered throughout Hoboken but there are two favorites that every Stevens student has frequented. O’Bagel for the best bagel sandwiches in town but if you are going to grab a bite before class make sure you leave enough time because the line is usually out the door. The other is Bagels on the Hudson, not such a hot spot in the morning but since it’s open 24/7 there is never a bad time to grab a bacon, egg and cheese. 

Continuing with breakfast, Elysian Cafe and Turning Point are two of my favorites. Elysian has more of a French flair and also serves lunch and dinner, Turning Point is on the water so has a beautiful view and serves lunch as well. 

A must try lunch spot is Karma Kafe, an Indian restaurant serving a lunch buffet so you can explore the different dishes and spice levels without the commitment of ordering a whole serving and possibly not liking it. Quick pick ups are usually more popular for lunch when trying to eat between classes. Vito’s deli has a late lunch special so you can get a huge sub with the best Mutz in town for super cheap during their Hoagie Happy Hour. If you are looking for a healthier option, Honeygrow lets you create your own salads or stir fries made with locally sourced ingredients. 

Hoboken has a lot of diverse options but the most popular has to be pizza. There’s some controversy over where to get the best slice in town but in my opinion it has to be Napoli’s brick-oven Neapolitan pies. A slightly fancier option is to go to Tenth Street Pasta & Pizza where you have to order by the pie but it is definitely worth it. 


Now if you are looking for somewhere to go for a special occasion, a date, or a place to have your family members take you out to when they come visit, here are more high end must try places. La Isla if you like Cuban food, Otto Strada for Italian, if you want a show check out the hibachi at Ayame, Arthur’s Tavern for a steak dinner, Cucharamama for South American cuisine, or Tutta Pesca for any seafood dish.

This isn’t exactly food related but my favorite thing about Hoboken is the mass amount of cafes and coffee shops that you will find. They’re perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee before class or giving you a quiet place to work besides the library. My top picks are Empire and The Little Local to get coffee to go, and BWE or Jefferson’s for studying. If you have a nut allergy definitely check out Joey No Nuts for coffee and pastries with no worries. To my fellow coffee enthusiasts I made a list of every coffee shop in Hoboken… and there are almost 30!

The key to eating your way through Hoboken, is to be adventurous, try new places and find the spots that not everyone else knows about. Bonding over food is a great way to make new friends and learn about other cultures so try to change it up a little and support local businesses instead of the chains that you can find anywhere. (Pro tip: always ask if they offer a Stevens discount) 

Gianna Miggins, Software Engineering

Stevens Community, Culture, and History

Hi! Welcome to Stevens! We’re so excited for you all to join us. My name is Lauren Chew. I’m a junior chemical engineering major from Hammonton, NJ. I’m also one of the Peer Leaders that will be welcoming you on-board during orientation and helping you during your first semester at Stevens. The time for you to officially start at Stevens is fast approaching, so I’m here to share some of my experience as part of the Stevens community!

Stevens was founded in 1870 and named after the Stevens family, “America’s First Family of Inventors”. The school has grown a lot since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed over time is the innovative mindset that the Stevens family embodied and that this university was founded upon. Stevens has been and continues to be home to many great minds – like the inventors of bubble wrap and the discoverer of the neutrino. The Stevens community is full of driven, ambitious individuals and truly embodies the tagline “The Innovation University”. Many of the people I’ve met as part of the Stevens community continuously inspire me to work hard, chase my goals, and become the person I want to be.

Although many Stevens students are working hard to excel in class, research, and career opportunities, a good thing about our community is that the drive to succeed doesn’t come between us. In my experience, students are nothing but supportive of one another. It might seem intimidating to ask the person next to you in class for help, but I promise they’re probably happy to help you! You can always find study groups in the library working on homework, cramming for that big exam, and helping each other succeed. The same goes for your professors! They want to see you succeed and are there to support you just as much as your classmates. The students and faculty at Stevens are approachable when you need help and some of your best cheerleaders when you succeed.photo_2020-07-20_14-59-56

Being a smaller school has its benefits too. Because there isn’t an overwhelming number of students and campus is only 4 blocks, we’re naturally a pretty close-knit community. If I walk across campus or even just a small stretch between buildings from class to class, I almost always see a familiar face to say hi to. Those little interactions definitely brighten my day! One of the things I love most about the Stevens community is how friendly everyone is and how surprisingly easy it is to make friends – and that’s coming from someone who’s naturally pretty shy.

As cliché as it may sound, Stevens really does have a place for everyone. There are so many clubs, sports, and activities on campus, and there’s always something to do or something happening in the Stevens community. Plus, being in Hoboken gives us even more fun opportunities to try new activities and foods, study at trendy coffee shops, or hop on the train and immerse yourself in New York City. Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s someone here that shares those interests who is ready to welcome you.


Lauren Chew, Chemical Engineering