First Day Advice

Hi! My name is Sam Magda and I’m a 2/5 Chemical Engineer! I went to a fairly large high school so I expected my first day of college to be similar to my first day in high school. The first day of college was similar to the first day of high school, except you also have to find the building and make sure you’re there at the right time on the right day.  No worries though!  With a little planning ahead, the first day of college isn’t scary!

1. Find your classrooms the beforehand.

Spend some time with your new friends looking through all of Stevens’ buildings for your classes, that way when you wake up on any given day of the first week, you aren’t panicked looking for your classes.

2. Take a screenshot or print-out of your schedule and keep it somewhere handy.

Since college class times change per day, you will need to know which classes are on Monday and not Tuesday, etc.  It is much easier to remember your schedule if you have it handy when you wake up in the morning.

3. Wake up on time.  

For example, while it is tempting to sleep until 11am when your first class of the day is at 12pm, you’ll feel less rushed and more awake if you wake up at 9am, even 10am, do your morning routine, and get a good breakfast.

4. Write down your assignments.

I like to bring new pens and highlighters with me to write it all down in an agenda, but everyone is different.  Find your system; it will be easier to remember your assignments and get everything done.  Google Calendar is your friend.

5. Eat food.

With all of the rushing around, food is probably the last thing on your mind.  Make sure to take a breather in between classes to hit up Pierce or one of the Stevens’ Cafes to get a good lunch and dinner.

6. Remember professors & staff want you to succeed.  

If you have a question in class, don’t hesitate to raise your hand and ask or to stop by their office hours for help! There are also services and resources on campus to help you with being successful during your time at Stevens!

The first week of college is like 5 first days in a row, but after the first week you’ll get the hang of your schedule.  You’ll find a place to sit in class (sit near the front – it’s easier to hear the professor and see the board). You’ll find some friends in your classes and activities.  Work hard & get your homework done and your tests done. And don’t forget to have fun!


Move in Day

It was a hot mid August afternoon when I stepped out of my parents SUV and onto the pavement in front of the Howe Center. My parents were ushered away down the drive to start unloading the overflowing car into my freshman residence hall and I was left face to face with an excited girl in a Stevens polo. I remember thinking to myself was I making the right decision?

My name is Frannie Kohler and I am a 5/5 mechanical engineering student, and probably like most of you, I was pretty nervous for my first day at Stevens. I knew logically that everything would be fine, but that didn’t stop me from worrying about things like who to eat with to what other people would think about me. Looking back on this, I am confident that everyone around me was in the same boat.

One of my favorite sayings is life begins outside your comfort zone. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the massive change that is the transition to college- you are going to a place you’ve probably only been to a few times with people you have never met before. You will be surrounded by new ideas and experiences which will require some adaptations. Through this uncertainty, however, keeping an open mind and a positive attitude can and will set you up for success. The best thing you can do is embrace your first day nerves as part of the college experience and allow yourself to enjoy all that Stevens has to offer. Don’t forget that you are the boss of your butterflies. And if your first day isn’t your greatest, remember that there is always tomorrow.

Making the Most of Student Involvement

If New York City right across the Hudson River is the “city that never sleeps”, then Stevens Institute of Technology is the “campus that never sleeps”, because no matter what day of the week or what time of the day, there is something interesting and worthwhile happening on campus that you don’t want to miss.  

So how do you get involved with everything that’s happening around campus?

Take full advantage of the Flock Party during orientation.  Sign up impulsively for the emailing lists of any clubs that even slightly interest you. Eat all of the free food.  Try to visit every table if you can. This is the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable, to do new things that you’ve never done before, and to take some risks.  At last year’s Flock Party, I signed up for the Stevens Ultimate Frisbee Club team even though I had never played a day of Frisbee in my life. Now, that team and this sport are something that I could not imagine experiencing my first year without.  


Keep a close eye on your email from a hardworking group called the Entertainment Committee.  They host and sponsor all sorts of off-campus and on-campus events from comedy shows and concerts to dinner cruises and rock climbing throughout the semester.


Between classes or even while walking from class to class, take some time to read the thousands of fliers that decorate hallways, pillars, and stairwells around Stevens.  Many times you can find out when clubs meet, learn about new clubs that emerge throughout the year, track down activities with free food, or discover events that you didn’t get an email about.  

The first few months of your time here at Stevens are the most important to building your long term relationships and establishing your friend groups, so take full advantage of all the clubs and activities at Stevens and don’t ignore this important part of your college life.  Just remember, no matter how many clubs or student organizations you join, whether it be two, three, four, or ten! Try to find something you really love to do and friends you really love to be with and stick to it! You won’t regret it.

Written by 2/5, Computer Science Major, Gil Austria.

Four Steps to Getting Involved

Hi! My name is Patty and I am a 3/4 Engineering Management student at Stevens Institute of Technology, and I am excited to welcome the new class of 2022 to the flock this summer as a Peer Leader. I am from Brielle, New Jersey a small beach town in CENTRAL Jersey (yes it is a thing). I attended Manasquan High School where I was super involved in all sorts of clubs, honor societies, sports, and leadership activities, and stepping foot on Stevens campus three years ago (wow getting old), I knew I wanted to transfer that involvement to Stevens campus. On campus I am heavily involved in and finance director of StevensTHON, and a member of student faculty alliance, society of women engineers, and Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. One of the best things I have learned about Stevens over the years is how easy it is to get involved in different clubs an organizations. Therefore, I am going to share with you the four steps I found were a surefire way to get involved at Stevens and the benefits this involvement provides.

Step 1:

The first step to getting involved is simply putting yourself out there. During orientation week, there will be a Flock Party in which many student organizations host information tables. This is the best place to learn about all the different clubs and organizations the school has to offer. Here you have the chance to sign up for the email list for most of these organizations as well. Once on these lists, the clubs will email you with information whenever they have upcoming meetings or events. Not only will you leave with knowledge of all the exciting opportunities our campus has to get involved, but you may also walk away with some giveaways that many of the clubs hand out!

Step 2:

The next step is to follow your interests from the past, but also have an open mind. When I say there is club for everyone on campus, I mean EVERYONE. From honor societies, to knitting, to dancing, to anime, almost every interest you possibly could have there is a club for. Do not get me wrong, the plethora of options is definitely a good thing, but it can get overwhelming. My advice on this is to join both clubs that suit your past interests, but also don’t be afraid to try something new. College is all about finding yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things is definitely a way to do this. You never will know if you like something or not if you don’t try it. Freshman year trying out these different organizations is the perfect way to do this. You do not need to stick with all fifty clubs you sign up for at the Flock Party either, give a couple a shot, see what you like best, and make the commitment to stick to a few. With this, make sure you allot time in your schedule to make the designated meeting times of these clubs. You are soon to learn that one of the most important aspects of freshman year is figuring out a time management routine that suits you. I personally was all about my agenda and scheduling everything. Do not sweat it if you have a huge test the next day and cannot make a club meeting, but try to your best to make it to as many meetings as possible for the few clubs you do decide to commit to.

Step 3:

Another factor that I cannot stress enough is to take advantage of the opportunities the organizations provide you with. I mean this in a few senses, from professional networking, to friendships built off common interests, to leadership opportunities, getting involved has a lot of positive aspects to offer. With regards to professional networking, there are organizations to represent many of the different majors offered at Stevens. These clubs host networking events where you have the opportunity to hear from people who pursued different career paths from your major. It is a great way to make contacts as well as start to decide what type of career you would like to pursue after graduation. Another positive evoked from involvement is friendships. Many of these organizations are driven by students with common interests, this makes it easier to strike up a conversation which could spark a new friendship or two. I met many people through campus involvement who are now in my inner circle. Lastly, I can not express enough how thankful I am for the leadership opportunities getting involved on campus has provided me with. From when I walked on to campus freshman year guided by a Peer Leader, to now being that Peer Leader for the second year helping to smooth the transition for this year’s incoming class, my leadership skills have completely transformed. I have gained a valuable leadership skills that I cannot wait to bring with me to the work world. My advice for you is to step up to the challenge if you feel up to it and run for a leadership position in a club you feel particularly passionate about.

Step 4:

The fourth and final step may sound cliché, but HAVE FUN. Getting involved can require effort at times, but make sure you are not only getting something out of it, but are enjoying what you are doing. I am sure I am not the first person to make you aware that college will be stressful at times, classes are going to be harder than what you experienced in high school, and it can be tough to be away from your families and on your own for the first time. Use campus involvement as an outlet. Let go of all those stresses as you enjoy knitting a hat, remember how lucky you are as you write a Christmas card for a child in the hospital, or feel security in your future as you listen to stories from people who have been where you are. After reading this I hope you feel both prepared and lucky. Lucky because going to a relatively small campus with big school spirit like Stevens makes it easy to get involved, and prepared because with this guide you are ready to fly with the ducks this year! I can’t wait to see you around campus!

Hoboken Transportation

In the New York City metropolitan area, the most valuable thing to anyone is time: time to read, time to talk, time to do the things we love. Yet, without the ease of access that public transportation gives us, that time we hold so dear will be whisked away by walking to every place. That is why it is so important to take advantage of any amenity that the city and university provides you, because it is a great way to go do the things you love to do.

Hoboken Terminal

In Hoboken, we have the PATH/NJ Transit stop that houses three forms of transportation: bus, train, and Light Rail. The bus is more so for going outside of the city to places like Union City, the Jersey City Heights district, and/or Fort Lee. There are two trains at the Hoboken Terminal, the PATH train and the NJ Transit Railroad. The PATH train is good for those who want to explore New York, which is right across the river. With stops at places such as Christopher Street (known for its homely aesthetic), World Trade Center (Memorial and Wall Street Financial District), and 33rd Street (Times Square and best access to the NYC Subway system), it allows you to get the best out of your opportunity as New York is right across the Hudson River. The NJ Transit train takes you all around New Jersey and is one of the main ways commuters from all corners of the state are able to come here without a hassle. With regards to the Light Rail, it is located at the back of Hoboken under the Jersey City Heights (2nd and 9th Street stations) or the Hoboken waterfront (Hoboken Station) and is the best way to get to places like Newport Mall or Exchange Place.

Stevens Shuttle

Stevens also has transportation in the form of shuttles, which drive on 4 designated routes. The Blue Line is for those getting to the PATH Station but is also a great way to get to lower Hoboken for places such as Carlo’s Bakery or CVS. The Red line takes you to the heart of Hoboken as it circles around from the Observer Highway next to 1st Street through Madison and back to 9th Street. The Green Line is more residential than the Red and Blue lines, but it does provide an easy way to get to the 9th Street Light Rail station, which has an elevator to the Jersey City Heights. The Gray Line is the line that takes you to the back end of Hoboken, which has places such as Shop Rite, Bow Tie Cinemas, or Trader Joes. Hopefully, you take advantage of the beautiful and historic city of Hoboken and NYC by using the tools provided to you!

Written by 2/5 Engineering Undecided major, Antony Cruz.

Public Transportation

What attracts most students to Stevens Institute of Technology is the amazing education
that they will receive in their 4 (or maybe more!) years attending. For myself, the quality of education was a enormous part of my decision. Another large part was the location. Hoboken is a tiny city with million-dollar views that can be seen from almost anywhere and amazing restaurants, with something for everyone. Many modes of transportation are offered to the New York City and surrounding areas.

I’m Olivia Shanahan, a junior (3/4) Science, technology and Society major from Staten
Island, New York! Since I live in Hoboken during the school year and am close to home, I have become an expert on transportation in the area. There are multiple bus stops on Washington Street that will bring you to New York City and near parts of New Jersey. The Hoboken terminal at Lackawanna is a short walk from Stevens. It is a central point for commuter rail trains, bus stations and the PATH train. You can travel to various parts of New Jersey with 6 different train lines and buses arriving constantly. PATH trains follow two routes that will bring you into Manhattan where you can transfer to Penn station for another train or bus, go out to dinner or even just walk around. One of the best things about Stevens, other than the fun and a great education is the close vicinity to New York City. Explore Hoboken and Manhattan with many different methods of transportation. Feel free to email me with any questions!


Surrounding Area Events

The easiest way to enjoy Stevens and Hoboken is to join clubs on campus. Clubs at  Stevens can both further pre-existing interests or expose you to new fields you did not know you would like. With the wide variety of both professional and social clubs offered at Stevens, you will never be bored.


But of course, you can, and probably should, also take advantage of the close proximity of New York City and explore the city that never sleeps. While there will always be the option of going to events such as Broadway, sports, etc, the city also has pop up events that never fail to excite. Depending on the season, you can go to pop-up museums, food festivals, music festivals, as well as a vast variety of outdoor events.

In order to experience new events, I recommend referencing our Entertainment Committee. One of its purpose is to provide students with cheap tickets to cool events around Stevens. Unlike other clubs which you must join, the Entertainment Committee does not require commitment. In other words, you can be as involved as you would like – time and interest permitting. Last semester, for example, they took us to different
concerts, sports events, Broadway shows, and even a skiing trip. Although you could just stick to events that you already enjoy, I recommend that you take advantage of the cheap and easily accessed events to try things you normally would not consider.

If all else fails, several blogs are useful to follow for inspiration. Some of these blogs include Hoboken Girl, Hoboken Man, and TimeOut. Hoboken Girl and Hoboken Man will inform you of all the events offered within Hoboken, and TimeOut will keep you updated on all of the events offered in New York City. Regarding international students, One World offers events that not only keep you entertained during the holiday seasons, but also help you become acclimated to the new culture.

Written by Engineering Management student, Viviane Farnung

Hoboken Events

Hi everyone, I’m Tamer Asfar, a sophomore Quantitative Finance student here at Stevens. I was fortunate to receive the role of Peer Leader this year, and cannot wait to play a part in helping you maximize how great your Stevens experience can be. A huge part why I, and I am sure many of you chose Stevens, is the surrounding area. Hoboken is a great college town, and with Manhattan a short commute away, there are not many places in the United States that can compete with Stevens’ location. While views of Manhattan might be what you remember most about Hoboken, the variety of great events taking place in its community deserve recognition of their own.

The Hoboken community is just as young and lively as it is rich with culture. During the week, you will be focusing on academics, but when the weekend comes, you and your friends will surely be looking for ways to enjoy yourselves. While our great clubs and organizations almost always provide something fun to do, Hoboken too offers many different opportunities; here’s just a sample:

Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

Both a spring and a fall event, the Hoboken Music and Arts Festival showcases the work of over 200 artists, crafters, and photographers, offers a diverse range of food from all different ethnicities, and provides live musical performances from a variety of artists. A variety of vendors close off Washington Street to cars for the day, allowing for Hoboken’s residents to explore their city’s rich culture.


Because of its location, Hoboken has become a city that has attracted many different entrepreneurs and innovators. Every year, thousands of these people (18,000 over 2016 and 2017) come together at what is known as the Propelify Innovation festival. It is a fantastic venue to learn more about a complex field, gain helpful contacts, and enjoy the viewpoints of speakers from companies such as Dell, Sprint, and Jet.

Movies Under the Stars

When the weather turns warm, you are going to find yourself wanting to tan on the pier, stroll past dog parks, and toss frisbees and footballs on Hoboken’s lawns as often as possible. A great way to enjoy the weather is to attend Hoboken’s Movies Under the Stars with friends. Featuring a great lineup of movies, including La La Land, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Coco, the event is a great way to take a break from academics.

Now that you know a little bit about what Hoboken’s community has to offer, it is time to start marking calendars! Hoboken’s Fall Arts and Music Festival takes place September 30th at Hoboken City Hall this year, and Propellify and Movies Under the Stars will be returning towards the end of the Spring semester.

tam2 (Walk down Washington Street to see upcoming events!)

Student Discounts

Hi! My name is Darcy Rae McLaughlin and I’m a 2/4 biomedical engineering and biology double major who has aspirations of becoming a veterinarian someday. I am from Smithville, New Jersey and since my area is pretty rural and quiet, I never knew of all the businesses that work with college students, until I entered Hoboken at the start of my Stevens career. Like many other students, I quickly fell into the broke college student stereotype when I began to explore all the amazing food and awesome activities of Hoboken and New York City. However, what I didn’t know as this incoming freshman was that there are so many discounts of all types in the Stevens area, you don’t have to go broke while away at school! Here’s 5 types of discounts that I find extremely handy here at Stevens.

discount meme.png


Besides Washington Street Wednesday, where you can get food from select restaurants for a meal swipe, you can find many discounts every day in Hoboken simply by flashing your Stevens ID to the cashier or waitstaff. Places like Qdoba, Benny Tudinos, Mr. Wraps, and more all love to cater to the always hungry college students in Hoboken. They do so by offering a percentage discount off many food items. My advice: be smart and look up restaurants beforehand to see what kinds of discounts they advertise! It just might save you a few quick bucks!



Local Entertainment

One of the best parts of going to Stevens is the fact that you’re literally across the Hudson River from New York City! There’s always something going on in the area from 5k runs to concerts so it’s only necessary that you go out and check them out! You can find discounted broadway tickets through the Entertainment Committee’s trips to see some shows (take advantage of their awesome events – they work super hard and cater to choosing activities that Stevens students want to do and the events are always heavily discounted)! Additionally, many museums such as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many more offer discounts to students if they show valid ID! Additionally, there is the Brooklyn Botanic garden, AMC theaters, and Carnegie Hall who also offer student discounts, to name a few more activities.

Technology and Subscriptions

We all have phones and love to use Amazon but what if I told you that even companies as big as Samsung and Apple offer student discounts? Amazon offers a student Prime discount so you can still do your last-minute dorm supply shopping without breaking the bank. Additionally (and this is my favorite discount), Spotify and Hulu offer a bundle for about $5 per month and you get Spotify Premium and access to tons of TV shows and movies! Furthermore, even companies like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T offer discounts with proof of a valid ID!


Let’s face it: we all need to buy something at some point during our time at school. Luckily, the discounts expand even into the retail businesses. Whether you need clothes from Eddie Bauer or textbooks from Barnes and Noble, tons of stores offer a percentage off your entire purchase with proof of valid ID. Even the stores of Washington Street advertise student discounts, which you will see once you walk down that street a few times. Large companies like J Crew, Banana Republic, and even Kate Spade offer a 15% discount for college students, so feel free to express your shopping needs while at school!


Overlooked Discounts

Student discounts are so popular that even businesses like professional sports teams and insurance companies offer discounts for students! If you’re like me and wait until the last minute to send that birthday gift in the mail to your mom, UPS offers a 10% discount for students making that express shipping less of a burden! Also, ya like baseball? The New York Mets offer student tickets at $10 a piece with proof of valid ID so check out a game when you get the chance! And even if you don’t buy a Stevens laptop for school, you can still go to IT and get Microsoft Office for free!


To sum up: Eat ramen noodles because they taste good, not because you’ve gone broke. Use these tips and you’ll save more money than you’ve ever thought was possible for a college student! Good luck this year and always feel welcome to reach out to me!


What is a Peer Leader?

You’re probably wondering what is a Peer Leader? Well, your Peer Leader is going to be one of your biggest resources in your transition from high school to college, as well as, getting to know to the ins and outs of Stevens. Don’t be scared, your Peer Leaders were once in your shoes! Peer Leaders are current students on campus who are heavily involved with the hundreds of organizations and programs Stevens has to offer.


You should hear from your Peer Leader just before orientation. Ask any questions you may have in regards to Orientation or Stevens, in general. Each Peer Leader is responsible for leading a group of students through orientation programming. When you come for Orientation, you’ll meet your Peer Leader, as well as your group, and they will be your guide throughout Orientation. Peer Leaders will help you move-in and you might even meet some during Pre-Orientation. Your Peer Leader doesn’t just end at Orientation. You’ll meet with your Peer Leader once a month and they will help mentor you throughout the semester. Be sure to reach out to your Peer Leader and get to know more about what’s ahead for the school year!

Written by Glen Anna Abellana, Senior Computer Science Engineering Major.