Living with Roommates

Hey everyone! My name is Terence and I’m a 3/4 Business & Technology major from Manhattan. One of the many things that drew me to Stevens was the beautiful view across the river. I wanted to stay close to homIMG_0228 - Terence Chane and being able to see the skyline from campus was always a reminder of close I was.

I chose to live with my best friend and also teammate at the time. We were a pair that got assigned a random roommate to fill our triple in CPH. I’ve shared a room my entire life with my sister so living with people in one room isn’t new to me. But one of the biggest advice I’d tell myself as a freshman living with new people is to set clear cut boundaries at first. It’s important that you and your roommate(s) are all on the same page about having guests over, quiet hours if someone usually stays up late, cleaning schedules, and coordinating personal time for each person in the room. This ensures that when issues do arise there is a sense of communication between you and the people you’re living with. And communication is key!

But it also doesn’t need to be that serious. Your roommates freshman year can play such a huge role in your life as they are the ones you’re getting to experience this monumental new chapter in your life with. I actually got to experience having multiple roommates as I lived in a triple; we also ended up switching roommates second semester. My roommates freshman year have become my best friends at school and we’re still so close to this day. They became the people you always got food with, walked to class with, went to Dunkin’ with. Living with new people may sound daunting at first, but it’s one of the best experiences that college gives you.

Terence Chan, Business and Technology

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