Living On-Campus

Hi y’all! I’m Leticia, a 2/4 mechanical engineering major from Wharton, NJ. I still feel new here at Stevens because I don’t really feel I ended my freshman year with it all going online but being on campus for most of it was pretty spectacular. My favorite part of it all, was how close classes were from the dorms, especially Davis. I’d wake up 10 minutes before class, Grubhub a delicious Red & Gray sausage ,egg, and cheese croissant sandwich and arrive at class on Leticiatime. I love the fact that we are a small campus because everything is within arms reach. Food, classes, teachers, friends, study areas, everything. 


When Stevens returns back to normal, going to events will definitely be something I’ll be coming back for. I went to a lot of events intentionally and unintentionally. When I would have time between classes, I’d find myself in the middle of some sort of festival/art fundraiser/ thanksgiving feast without knowing that they were there. (Now I use the Corq app to be in the know of events.) I’d just walk up to the sign up table and show my event pass. Some advice I’d give to incoming students is to sign up for anything you might think is fun and interesting. Each sign up is another experience you wouldn’t have had before. Sign up for a club and go to the General Body Meeting (GBM) to get a feel for it and see if you like it. All groups are very welcoming and want you to take part in whatever they do. There’s always something to do on campus. 


Now with Covid-19 though, there might be less in person events to go to but this is exactly when you should join things on campus. Easier access to the clubs, more relaxed environment, and a fun place to get to know more people. Even if you feel a bit shy or anxious, just know that whatever you join and whatever you do on campus will benefit you in the long run as you’ll meet new friends and make wonderful memories that’ll last.


Leticia Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering

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