Eating in and Around Hoboken

Although your freshman year meal plan may include more than enough food, there will come a time when you get tired of Pierce dinners and America’s cup sandwiches and have to venture out to Washington St. to change up your diet. Here is a guide to some of the best spots in Hoboken to try during your time at Stevens.

There may be a ton of bagel places scattered throughout Hoboken but there are two favorites that every Stevens student has frequented. O’Bagel for the best bagel sandwiches in town but if you are going to grab a bite before class make sure you leave enough time because the line is usually out the door. The other is Bagels on the Hudson, not such a hot spot in the morning but since it’s open 24/7 there is never a bad time to grab a bacon, egg and cheese. 

Continuing with breakfast, Elysian Cafe and Turning Point are two of my favorites. Elysian has more of a French flair and also serves lunch and dinner, Turning Point is on the water so has a beautiful view and serves lunch as well. 

A must try lunch spot is Karma Kafe, an Indian restaurant serving a lunch buffet so you can explore the different dishes and spice levels without the commitment of ordering a whole serving and possibly not liking it. Quick pick ups are usually more popular for lunch when trying to eat between classes. Vito’s deli has a late lunch special so you can get a huge sub with the best Mutz in town for super cheap during their Hoagie Happy Hour. If you are looking for a healthier option, Honeygrow lets you create your own salads or stir fries made with locally sourced ingredients. 

Hoboken has a lot of diverse options but the most popular has to be pizza. There’s some controversy over where to get the best slice in town but in my opinion it has to be Napoli’s brick-oven Neapolitan pies. A slightly fancier option is to go to Tenth Street Pasta & Pizza where you have to order by the pie but it is definitely worth it. 


Now if you are looking for somewhere to go for a special occasion, a date, or a place to have your family members take you out to when they come visit, here are more high end must try places. La Isla if you like Cuban food, Otto Strada for Italian, if you want a show check out the hibachi at Ayame, Arthur’s Tavern for a steak dinner, Cucharamama for South American cuisine, or Tutta Pesca for any seafood dish.

This isn’t exactly food related but my favorite thing about Hoboken is the mass amount of cafes and coffee shops that you will find. They’re perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee before class or giving you a quiet place to work besides the library. My top picks are Empire and The Little Local to get coffee to go, and BWE or Jefferson’s for studying. If you have a nut allergy definitely check out Joey No Nuts for coffee and pastries with no worries. To my fellow coffee enthusiasts I made a list of every coffee shop in Hoboken… and there are almost 30!

The key to eating your way through Hoboken, is to be adventurous, try new places and find the spots that not everyone else knows about. Bonding over food is a great way to make new friends and learn about other cultures so try to change it up a little and support local businesses instead of the chains that you can find anywhere. (Pro tip: always ask if they offer a Stevens discount) 

Gianna Miggins, Software Engineering

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