Stevens Community, Culture, and History

Hi! Welcome to Stevens! We’re so excited for you all to join us. My name is Lauren Chew. I’m a junior chemical engineering major from Hammonton, NJ. I’m also one of the Peer Leaders that will be welcoming you on-board during orientation and helping you during your first semester at Stevens. The time for you to officially start at Stevens is fast approaching, so I’m here to share some of my experience as part of the Stevens community!

Stevens was founded in 1870 and named after the Stevens family, “America’s First Family of Inventors”. The school has grown a lot since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed over time is the innovative mindset that the Stevens family embodied and that this university was founded upon. Stevens has been and continues to be home to many great minds – like the inventors of bubble wrap and the discoverer of the neutrino. The Stevens community is full of driven, ambitious individuals and truly embodies the tagline “The Innovation University”. Many of the people I’ve met as part of the Stevens community continuously inspire me to work hard, chase my goals, and become the person I want to be.

Although many Stevens students are working hard to excel in class, research, and career opportunities, a good thing about our community is that the drive to succeed doesn’t come between us. In my experience, students are nothing but supportive of one another. It might seem intimidating to ask the person next to you in class for help, but I promise they’re probably happy to help you! You can always find study groups in the library working on homework, cramming for that big exam, and helping each other succeed. The same goes for your professors! They want to see you succeed and are there to support you just as much as your classmates. The students and faculty at Stevens are approachable when you need help and some of your best cheerleaders when you succeed.photo_2020-07-20_14-59-56

Being a smaller school has its benefits too. Because there isn’t an overwhelming number of students and campus is only 4 blocks, we’re naturally a pretty close-knit community. If I walk across campus or even just a small stretch between buildings from class to class, I almost always see a familiar face to say hi to. Those little interactions definitely brighten my day! One of the things I love most about the Stevens community is how friendly everyone is and how surprisingly easy it is to make friends – and that’s coming from someone who’s naturally pretty shy.

As cliché as it may sound, Stevens really does have a place for everyone. There are so many clubs, sports, and activities on campus, and there’s always something to do or something happening in the Stevens community. Plus, being in Hoboken gives us even more fun opportunities to try new activities and foods, study at trendy coffee shops, or hop on the train and immerse yourself in New York City. Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s someone here that shares those interests who is ready to welcome you.


Lauren Chew, Chemical Engineering

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