Area Events and Student Discounts

Welcome to the flock! My name is Grace Miguel and I am a 2⁄5 software engineering major. I’m sure you’ve all heard that Stevens has “the best view”, and that it does. We have the advantage of being right across the Hudson River from the city that never sleeps and therefore you are exposed to thousands of fun opportunities.

The best way to get involved and find fun things to do is to join clubs at the club fair! This is a time for you to get a glimpse of what Stevens has to offer and step outside of your comfort zone. Sign up for clubs that are you deem even mildly interesting and try one or two that you typically wouldn’t gravitate towards. Not only will you get the opportunity to go rock climbing, play ultimate frisbee, and go to musicals, but you’ll also make lasting friendships.

I recommend that you all pay close attention to the Entertainment Committee because they offer discounted musicals, concerts and NYC outings. Last year, I went to see COIN and not only was it a euphoric experience, but I also made two amazing friends that I probably would not have made otherwise.

One big event that happens every year is the Founder’s Day Ball. It is an event open to all Stevens students and is similar to a gala. There is a dance floor, buffet, photo booth, etc. It is known to be the biggest event on campus.

You can find a list of events happening around campus on ducklink:​ This is where all club events are posted throughout the semester so use it to your advantage. I would also recommend downloading the Corq app because it is another, perhaps easier way to find events. However, keep in mind that not ​all​ events are posted here.

If you’re looking to venture out of the Stevens scope and find things on your own, there are numerous ways to do so. For example, I am a tea and coffee addict so I searched for a tea and coffee festival in NYC through Google. Low and behold there was a WEBSITE dedicated to it. Of course I went with a few friends because how could I pass that up.
Some ways you can find events near/ in Hoboken are simply google searching things that interest you, but you can also turn to the blogs Hoboken Girl or Hoboken Man. These blogs are very useful in finding big and small things to do. There are also a multitude of music and art festivals!

I hope all of you are able to find some great events in Hoboken and beyond, and welcome to Stevens!

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