Public Transportation

Hey everyone! My name is Lauren Chew. I’m a sophomore chemical engineering major from Hammonton, New Jersey. Welcome to Stevens! It’s almost time for you to come to campus, and a big part of making the transition to living on campus and in Hoboken is knowing how to get around once you’re here. I’ll be breaking down the main modes of public transportation in and around campus, so once you arrive, you’ll already be navigating like a pro!

Stevens Shuttles

The only transportation that comes directly on campus are the Stevens shuttles. You can board any of the shuttles in front of the Howe Center – just make sure you know which shuttle you’re getting on, as there are three different lines that run during the semester.

Green: connects to the Jersey City Heights elevator and 9th St Light Rail Station (Hudson-Bergen Light Rail)

Blue: from campus to Hoboken Terminal (NJ Transit & PATH trains)

Red and gray: runs to all Stevens leased housing locations.

For more detail on the routes and shuttle schedules, Stevens offers a tracker app and interactive map, which you can find at these links:




Hoboken’s train station, Hoboken Terminal, is all the way down at 1 Hudson Place, just past 1st Street. It’s within walking distance from campus (about 10-15 min), or as I mentioned earlier, you can take the shuttle.

NJ Transit:

Lauren 1

Hoboken Terminal is a stop on six major NJ Transit rail lines: Main/Bergen-Port Jervis Line, Montclair-Boonton Line, Morristown Line, North Jersey Coast Line, Pascack Valley Line, and Gladstone Branch. You can see these lines and their other stops on the NJ Transit map below.

Light Rail:

Lauren 2

Hoboken is also on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. The Light Rail trains go to various stops in the area surrounding Hoboken. You can find the Light Rail at Hoboken Terminal. There are also stops at 2nd Street and 9th Street/Congress Street. A map of the light rail lines is below.

If you’re from New Jersey, you’re likely already familiar with the NJ Transit and maybe the Light Rail, but if you’re not local or familiar with these two train services, they are great tools for local students going home for breaks or anyone looking to venture out of Hoboken. They’re very affordable, go to a wide range of in-state locations, and are just a shuttle ride or a short walk away, so definitely take advantage of them!


HOP:Lauren 3

There are three HOP shuttle buses (blue, red, green) within Hoboken. You can see the route of each on the map (and you can see a bit of the light rail’s route!). You can board these shuttles by flagging them at any intersection of the road. For more information about the schedules, fares, and tracking the HOP, you can go to:

NJ Transit:

There are also NJ Transit buses in Hoboken. Several routes stop in Hoboken and run to various stops in North Bergen and New York. In general, you can find designated bus stops on Washington Street or board any of the buses by Hoboken Terminal.

Getting to NYC

Now for something that will probably pique your interest a little more: New York City! NYC is just across the river and has so much to explore, so I’d definitely recommend making a trip (or several) throughout the year. Plus, the Entertainment Committee offers several activities in the city throughout the year, so it’s important to know how to get there.

Method 1: PATH TrainsLauren 4

One way to get to the city is by the PATH trains, which you can find at Hoboken Terminal. In general, they run to the World Trade Center or towards 33rd Street. You can see more detail on the lines on the map above. It’s also possible to take the PATH to connecting lines running to other major stations in New Jersey, like Newark-Penn.

I would highly recommend the PATH as a quick and easy means of getting to NYC. It’s only $2.75 per ride, or you can buy a reloadable MetroCard at the train station.

Method 2: Bus

You can also take NJ Transit bus 126 to Port Authority Terminal in New York City. Again, you can board this bus from Hoboken Terminal or stops at 1st Street/Clinton Street, 6th Street/Clinton Street, and 11th Street/Washington Street.

Method 3: Ferry

The third way to get to NYC is by the NY Waterway ferry, which you can find either at Hoboken Terminal or at 14th Street. There are multiple terminals the ferry stops at in New York, so for more information you can go the website:

So, that was a lot of information at once, but as you can see, there are many readily available means of public transport at and near Stevens. When you get the chance, take a study break and explore your new home!

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