What’s New at Stevens?

Hi there! My name is Jon Darlak. I’m a Peer Leader here at Stevens studying Mechanical Engineering and working towards a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. Stevens’ Campus has been undergoing a lot of renovations over the past couple of years. In order to keep up with the modern needs of the students and expand upon the current learning and living spaces, some offices have been moved, patios have been remodeled, and a towering dorm is “On The Rise.” There are projects that are in progress and some that will be wrapping up for the Fall 2019 session. Read on to learn more!

New Residence Hall

Jon 2Stevens has recently started building two tower-style dorms that will house 966 students. This project will hopefully be finished in the 2022 timeframe. There are plans to have an open patio at the base of the dorms with plenty of room for recreational sitting-around and conversing with others in between classes. There will be a new Fitness Center for the general student population at the base of these dorms, and the current fitness center will go to varsity athletics once this new one opens.

The Gateway Academic Center


The Gateway Academic Center will be the home of primarily Computer Science and Cybersecurity specific classes. It will have a catwalk that reaches over the 6th street entrance to campus that many returning students will be excited about as it has been closed off for the past two years. Large window panes facing towards Hoboken will provide nice sunset views for those taking evening classes as well.

McLean Patio

With many students coming in and out of McLean for research, labs, lectures, and exams, the original patio has become another popular hangout spot. The patio has now been re-done with more neat, curved stairs and there is a concrete patio for bikers leading straight off of the sidewalk to the bike racks.

Humphrey’s Walkway

Starting from just outside of Humphrey’s Hall, wrapping around the volleyball court, and down Castle Point Terrace, a new brick-layed walkway has been cemented for safe student transit while vehicles pass through campus.

Alexander House

The Alexander House is located in between Humphreys and Jonas, near the North Building. This building will be home to offices and rooms for student organizations to meet and store supplies. It will be complete in November 2019.

Student Wellness Office

The Student Wellness Center has been relocated to the north end of campus. Here, students are able to receive treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, visit Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the Office of Disability Services.  

Soofa Benches on Babbio Patio

There are two solar-powered Soofa Benches on the non-Manhattan-facing Babbio Patio where students can charge their devices and complete work in between classes or just to enjoy some time outside and not be limited by a low battery.

Don’t let the construction zones around campus make you believe you’re missing out on Stevens’ beautiful campus. Workers have been very good about paving walkways where original paths have been blocked off for easy transit. An extreme majority of the greenspace is still available for student’s leisure as well. Feel free to stop by The Office of Student Life on the 10th floor of The Howe Center if you have any further questions while you’re on campus or visit their website HERE!

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