Mental Health and Asking for Help

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Molla and I’m a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Staten Island, NY. Coming to college is a big transition that you may or may not be prepared for. This milestone in your life means you will encounter challenges and changes that come with levels of responsibility and independence that you may not have experienced before. You’ll ask yourself: What if my classes are too tough? What club or activities should I be a part of? How do I go about making new friends? Is it worth studying for this exam or go out for the night? You may start to become overwhelmed focusing on the educational and social aspects of Stevens that you forget to take care of your health; in particular, mental health.

People will always tell you about ways to maintain your physical health in college: go to the campus gym, be careful in the dining hall, cook your own meals, etc. It’s easy to forget that focusing on your mental health is just as important as maintaining your body physically. I’m here to tell you all about the great resources Stevens has to offer and why you should never feel anxious about asking for help. Stevens is a ‘Stigma-Free’ campus, meaning that we are a community of people who are aware of mental illness and who strive to further educate ourselves and help others.


One of the newest additions to campus this past year has been our Student Wellness Center, located on the North end of campus next to the North Building and just a short walk from Castle Point Hall. The center provides students with a wide range of services that are geared towards their physical and mental well-being. The Stevens Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the wellness center provides many opportunities such as short term counseling, urgent care services, workshops and training seminars, group therapy, and psychiatric services for students who cannot access healthcare. Even with all the great resources CAPS has to offer to maintain your mental health, it can be difficult to evaluate exactly what help you may need. Stevens offers frequent free mental health screenings that could provide you with the information you may need to get a better idea of your personal needs. Even if you feel that you may not need to take advantage of these services, always remember to look out for friends and people you know and utilize the campus’ CARE team if you believe someone is going through a personal mental struggle.

At Stevens, there’s no need to hesitate when asking for help. Everyone around you is willing to lend a helping hand whether it be your professors, RAs, peer leaders, friends, and even family. You may not always know what you need, but by reaching out to the people around you and taking advantage of what Stevens has to offer, you’ll always be guided in the right direction.

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