Academic Success and Study Tips

SONY DSCHello hello! My name is Kesha Shah and I’m a 3/4 Chemical Biology major from Parsippany, New Jersey. College can be daunting for a lot of reasons, one of them being the coursework you have ahead of you. I’m here to share some of the best ways to stay afloat each semester. 

Tip 1: Manage your time wisely!

With all the events that go on everyday, it is beyond easy to push off assignments. We’ve all been there and while it doesn’t always lead to disaster, it almost always leads to unnecessary stress. The best way to combat the pesky desire to procrastinate is to break up large assignments and work on them daily. Now I’m not saying start your assignments the day they are given to you, but set your own mini deadlines and meet them to the best of your ability. Even if you don’t stick to it 100% you’ll have at least worked on a fraction of the assignment well before its due.

Tip 2: Optimize your study space!

The best way to make sure you are working as efficiently as possible is to make sure you’ve created the most productive atmosphere and area for yourself. This may differ from person to person and it may not even look like your typical study space, but as long as it enables you to work at the pace you would like, thats all you need! Believe it or not, I can’t get anything done in the library. 9 times out of 10, you’ll find me sitting in a random nook in Babbio. Finding your spot often takes some exploration and trial and error.

Tip 3: Proactively study!

Everyone knows that studying is essential for success, but when you start studying is what really gets you the grade you want. If you have a specific class you are dreading the most, the best advice I have is to start studying as soon as possible. Do little things everyday, a week before the test so its less overwhelming the day before. This can be in the form of flashcards, rewriting notes, making a quizlet or even just reviewing your notes. Any form of studying is better than no studying! 

Tip 4: Tackle the little assignments first!

With a heavy course load, things can get overwhelming fast. Getting the easier and shorter assignments out of the way helps decrease the stress. 

Tip 5: Ask for help!

Going to a small school is a blessing because of all the resources available. Whether you ask the professor, a TA, a friend, or a tutor, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The best way to stay on top of things is to air out questions early on. Office hours with a professor are the best place to get one-on-one help. If that doesn’t work out, TA’s also have office hours and often times can better answer questions you may have on assignments. If you need some help, but office hours are over, there is always the walk-in tutor center! There are plenty of tutors who will do their best to help you through the toughest courses.

All of these tips may help you be successful, but they won’t amount to anything if you don’t take care of yourself. Prioritizing your mental health and knowing your limits is an absolute must to help you do your absolute best. Study hard, but don’t forget to have fun!

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