Transfer Orientation

Hey! My name is Matt Marsh and I am a sophomore Civil Engineering major from South Kingstown, RI. I transferred to Stevens last spring after one semester at a different school, and I am more than happy with my decision.

At this point, I have taken classes at three different universities, and like me, I’m sure that you will find that Stevens is quite different from other institutions. Thus, it is important to figure out what makes you feel comfortable on and off campus in order to make your adjustment to Stevens life as seamless as possible!


Transfer Orientation provides important information about different aspects of Stevens life. In a way, it is a brief version of first-year orientation that still covers the important topics. You will meet the members of many different offices on campus, which is great to know for when you will inevitably need to visit them. You will also be introduced to the Transfer Student Association, which is a great place to meet fellow transfers. It is crucial to have other students in your same situation to lean on for help or general advice! Additionally, simply knowing names and faces around campus will help you feel more comfortable during your time acclimating to Stevens.

Orientation will also introduce you to some of the unique clubs at Stevens where you can meet many diverse students. If something piques your interest, it can’t hurt to go to a meeting! These connections with your peers that have spent more time at Stevens can be a great asset when you are lost or confused. I was happily surprised to find that almost anyone on campus is more than happy to help out when you encounter a problem!

I was in the same position as you less than six months ago, so feel free to reach out to me at, or any of the other Peer Leaders with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you all around campus this fall!

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