First-Year Orientation

You’re packing to go off to school after a wonderful summer off, and you’re checking your email to see when exactly you have to be on campus. You know that classes start on Monday, August 26th, but – what’s this? Stevens wants you to be moved in the Wednesday before that? That’s five days that you just lost from your summer vacation! What on earth could be so necessary that Stevens would ask you to come to campus five days before classes start? Why, First-Year Orientation, of course!

Howdy, future Ducks! I’m Luke Langner, a Stevens student from Jefferson Township, New Jersey. I’m going into my Senior year as a Mechanical Engineering major, and I’m here to tell you a bit about First-Year Orientation at Stevens.

Luke 2

Adjusting to a new life at school can be very tough, and orientation is designed to help make that adjustment easier. Now, I’m not going to lie: orientation is intense. You’ll move into your dorm on Wednesday morning, check in, grab lunch, and then get whisked off onto a tour of the beautiful Stevens grounds with your orientation group. You’ll be grouped up with a bunch of other new students that are in your major, and a Peer Leader who shares your major as well. You’ll spend the rest of the week after your tour with your group learning about Stevens, Hoboken, the surrounding area, and everything that will be available to you as a Stevens student.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities during orientation to learn about Stevens, but the real magic kicks in with the friendships that you make during orientation. You’ll spend lots of meal times with your orientation group, along with different activities, seminars, and events where you’ll get to know different people at Stevens that you’ll see throughout your Stevens career. Who knows, you might end up meeting someone during orientation that you’ll know for the rest of your life!

Luke 1

First-Year Orientation and your first year at Stevens may seem daunting, but orientation is guaranteed to be a great kick start to the semester! Get pumped, and welcome to the flock!


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