Living On-Campus

by Akash Rana

It’s 7:45am. You just woke up. You also have an 8am class. But you have no worries since you live on one of the Stevens on-campus housing options. You can choose from several dorms at Stevens with rooms varying from doubles, triples, or even some quads, as well as two that have their own bathrooms in each room. One of the benefits of having a small campus size is that you can walk from one side of the campus, say Castle Point Hall, to the Babbio Center for your 8am math recitation in 15 minutes! Quick commute times relieve any stress of whether you will arrive on time since the only thing stopping you is your own two feet.

Another benefit of living on-campus is the convenience of having places right at your fingertips! Do you need to print an essay at the library? Just a 5-10-minute walk from anywhere on campus. Are you feeling hungry and want to grab a bite of food? Any of the three dining options on campus can also be reached in about 5-10 minutes. And that’s not to mention the surplus of vendors that are just a few blocks away on Washington Street! You can easily taste the biggest pizza of your life or anything else that your heart desires all located within walking distance!

Akash 1.png

What better way to engage with your peers than living on campus? From simply passing by familiar faces each day, you begin to feel the tight-knit nature of being a part of the flock here at Stevens. Your stress easily fades just from seeing a friend passing by on the way to class. You won’t ever feel like just another student. At Stevens, you’ll be right at home.

Lastly, if you feel homesick, need advice, or just want someone to talk to, your Resident Assistant (RA) will be the best person to approach on-campus. They also run events so you can win different prizes and get to know other students! You’ll also have the chance to compete with the other dorm halls in the Annual Freshman Dodgeball Tournament so be prepared to get your game on!

Akash 2

Living on campus has more perks than first meets the eye. Whether easily making your 8am recitation, grabbing a quick bite anywhere on campus, or bonding with the Stevens community, living on campus at Stevens is truly a blessing and a great experience that you won’t forget!

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