What is a “Peer Leader”?

My name is Kristine Pedersen and I’m a 5/5 Biology and Science Communication double major from New Hampshire. You might be wondering “What exactly is a Peer Leader and how can mine help me?” Well wonder no more! Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know to get the most out of your Orientation experience with the PLs.


First and foremost, Peer Leaders are students just like all of you! We are representatives of different years, majors, and backgrounds. We serve as mentors and orientation leaders for all incoming students.

  1. Orientation

Our first role as Peer Leaders is to ensure everyone is moved in and ready for a fun and exciting Orientation! Each Peer Leader will be in contact with their students during the summer via email, and then on campus to welcome new students as they arrive. Peer Leaders also accompany Pre-Orientation programs as well. Once Orientation starts, Peer Leaders and their groups meet up for fun activities and informative meetings to help new students feel comfortable on campus and with what they can expect during the first semester of classes. That being said, in short, a Peer Leader is a student on campus that wants to make new students feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.

  1. During the fall semester

A Peer Leader’s role doesn’t end after Orientation. We are also in charge of holding group meetings during the fall semester, covering topics like scheduling and exam season. Peer Leaders are always a resource for new students and will be paired by majors, as closely as possible. This means that it’s very likely your Peer Leader will have gone through a very similar, if not the same, academic schedule as you, and also be able to guide you to others who can answer any other questions. Our goal as Peer Leaders during the fall semester is to continue to acclimate new students to Stevens and guide you all through your first semester. We are always a resource, whether it’s to answer academic questions, help navigate Hoboken, or whatever else you might be concerned about.

The Peer Leaders of 2019 are so excited to welcome all of you to Stevens! I hope you found this helpful and have a great rest of your summer!

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