Welcome to the Flock!

HHaileyi! My name is Hailey Tanner and I am the Peer Leader Coordinator this year! My hometown is Freehold, New Jersey and this is my second year being involved in orientation here at Stevens. I am currently a junior Chemical Engineering major acting as a lab assistant for research this summer (when I’m not planning orientation of course). I have been working alongside the Office of Undergraduate Student Life staff, our intern Bree, and many people all across campus to ensure that orientation brings a world of new friends, knowledge and fun to set you up for a successful first year at Stevens! 

Some things I am involved in outside of orientation include being President of the Women’s Club Soccer team and acting as Managing Editor for our campus’ online creative publication, RedShift. I have been a tutor for many first-year courses in the past, and do new things every year that you can all get involved in, too! I can’t wait to welcome you all to Stevens in August!

Breanna Kixmiller (Christopher Gannon/Iowa State University)

Hello everyone!  My name is Bree Kixmiller, and I am the summer intern at Stevens with the orientation program!  Currently, I am a graduate student at Iowa State University pursuing my M.Ed. in Student Affairs.  This summer, I will be helping at Peer Leader training, updating our orientation blogs and social media, and assisting Hailey with projects in the Office of Student Life!  I have greatly enjoyed my time at Stevens, and I am excited to see what the rest of the summer brings! Go Ducks!  

Here are a few ways to prepare for your Stevens journey and start off on the right foot in August!

  1. Connect with Us!  Peer Leader Blogs, First-Year Features, and other resources will be shared on our social media pages weekly!  We also invite you to join the “Stevens Institute of Technology Class of 2023” Facebook page to connect with others in your class.  Follow us for great information all summer long! 

Facebook: Stevens Students

Instagram: StevensStudents

Twitter: @StevensStudents

2. Join us for a webinar!  Office of Student Life staff and Peer Leaders will host informational webinars throughout the summer about academics, your college transition, and making the most of your first year.  You will receive emails inviting you to attend, so stay tuned!  

3. First-Year Read- This year’s common read for all first-year students is “The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert.

  • You will receive a copy in the mail in mid-July, and it is expected you will have it read before orientation so you can engage in discussion over the content during that time.  
  • There will also be a flyer inside the book addressing a summer read contest! Please see this flyer for more details, and visit our resource guide for more information at: https://researchguides.stevens.edu/sixthextinction

4. Reach out if you need help!  If you have any questions throughout the summer about your transition to Stevens or orientation, let us know at htanner@stevens.edu or bkixmill@stevens.edu.  More information will also be added to www.stevens.edu/orientation throughout the summer as well!  

Have a great summer, and we can’t wait to see you at Stevens! 

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