First Day Advice

Hi! My name is Sam Magda and I’m a 2/5 Chemical Engineer! I went to a fairly large high school so I expected my first day of college to be similar to my first day in high school. The first day of college was similar to the first day of high school, except you also have to find the building and make sure you’re there at the right time on the right day.  No worries though!  With a little planning ahead, the first day of college isn’t scary!

1. Find your classrooms the beforehand.

Spend some time with your new friends looking through all of Stevens’ buildings for your classes, that way when you wake up on any given day of the first week, you aren’t panicked looking for your classes.

2. Take a screenshot or print-out of your schedule and keep it somewhere handy.

Since college class times change per day, you will need to know which classes are on Monday and not Tuesday, etc.  It is much easier to remember your schedule if you have it handy when you wake up in the morning.

3. Wake up on time.  

For example, while it is tempting to sleep until 11am when your first class of the day is at 12pm, you’ll feel less rushed and more awake if you wake up at 9am, even 10am, do your morning routine, and get a good breakfast.

4. Write down your assignments.

I like to bring new pens and highlighters with me to write it all down in an agenda, but everyone is different.  Find your system; it will be easier to remember your assignments and get everything done.  Google Calendar is your friend.

5. Eat food.

With all of the rushing around, food is probably the last thing on your mind.  Make sure to take a breather in between classes to hit up Pierce or one of the Stevens’ Cafes to get a good lunch and dinner.

6. Remember professors & staff want you to succeed.  

If you have a question in class, don’t hesitate to raise your hand and ask or to stop by their office hours for help! There are also services and resources on campus to help you with being successful during your time at Stevens!

The first week of college is like 5 first days in a row, but after the first week you’ll get the hang of your schedule.  You’ll find a place to sit in class (sit near the front – it’s easier to hear the professor and see the board). You’ll find some friends in your classes and activities.  Work hard & get your homework done and your tests done. And don’t forget to have fun!


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