Making the Most of Student Involvement

If New York City right across the Hudson River is the “city that never sleeps”, then Stevens Institute of Technology is the “campus that never sleeps”, because no matter what day of the week or what time of the day, there is something interesting and worthwhile happening on campus that you don’t want to miss.  

So how do you get involved with everything that’s happening around campus?

Take full advantage of the Flock Party during orientation.  Sign up impulsively for the emailing lists of any clubs that even slightly interest you. Eat all of the free food.  Try to visit every table if you can. This is the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable, to do new things that you’ve never done before, and to take some risks.  At last year’s Flock Party, I signed up for the Stevens Ultimate Frisbee Club team even though I had never played a day of Frisbee in my life. Now, that team and this sport are something that I could not imagine experiencing my first year without.  


Keep a close eye on your email from a hardworking group called the Entertainment Committee.  They host and sponsor all sorts of off-campus and on-campus events from comedy shows and concerts to dinner cruises and rock climbing throughout the semester.


Between classes or even while walking from class to class, take some time to read the thousands of fliers that decorate hallways, pillars, and stairwells around Stevens.  Many times you can find out when clubs meet, learn about new clubs that emerge throughout the year, track down activities with free food, or discover events that you didn’t get an email about.  

The first few months of your time here at Stevens are the most important to building your long term relationships and establishing your friend groups, so take full advantage of all the clubs and activities at Stevens and don’t ignore this important part of your college life.  Just remember, no matter how many clubs or student organizations you join, whether it be two, three, four, or ten! Try to find something you really love to do and friends you really love to be with and stick to it! You won’t regret it.

Written by 2/5, Computer Science Major, Gil Austria.

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