Public Transportation

What attracts most students to Stevens Institute of Technology is the amazing education
that they will receive in their 4 (or maybe more!) years attending. For myself, the quality of education was a enormous part of my decision. Another large part was the location. Hoboken is a tiny city with million-dollar views that can be seen from almost anywhere and amazing restaurants, with something for everyone. Many modes of transportation are offered to the New York City and surrounding areas.

I’m Olivia Shanahan, a junior (3/4) Science, technology and Society major from Staten
Island, New York! Since I live in Hoboken during the school year and am close to home, I have become an expert on transportation in the area. There are multiple bus stops on Washington Street that will bring you to New York City and near parts of New Jersey. The Hoboken terminal at Lackawanna is a short walk from Stevens. It is a central point for commuter rail trains, bus stations and the PATH train. You can travel to various parts of New Jersey with 6 different train lines and buses arriving constantly. PATH trains follow two routes that will bring you into Manhattan where you can transfer to Penn station for another train or bus, go out to dinner or even just walk around. One of the best things about Stevens, other than the fun and a great education is the close vicinity to New York City. Explore Hoboken and Manhattan with many different methods of transportation. Feel free to email me with any questions!


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