Hoboken Transportation

In the New York City metropolitan area, the most valuable thing to anyone is time: time to read, time to talk, time to do the things we love. Yet, without the ease of access that public transportation gives us, that time we hold so dear will be whisked away by walking to every place. That is why it is so important to take advantage of any amenity that the city and university provides you, because it is a great way to go do the things you love to do.

Hoboken Terminal

In Hoboken, we have the PATH/NJ Transit stop that houses three forms of transportation: bus, train, and Light Rail. The bus is more so for going outside of the city to places like Union City, the Jersey City Heights district, and/or Fort Lee. There are two trains at the Hoboken Terminal, the PATH train and the NJ Transit Railroad. The PATH train is good for those who want to explore New York, which is right across the river. With stops at places such as Christopher Street (known for its homely aesthetic), World Trade Center (Memorial and Wall Street Financial District), and 33rd Street (Times Square and best access to the NYC Subway system), it allows you to get the best out of your opportunity as New York is right across the Hudson River. The NJ Transit train takes you all around New Jersey and is one of the main ways commuters from all corners of the state are able to come here without a hassle. With regards to the Light Rail, it is located at the back of Hoboken under the Jersey City Heights (2nd and 9th Street stations) or the Hoboken waterfront (Hoboken Station) and is the best way to get to places like Newport Mall or Exchange Place.

Stevens Shuttle

Stevens also has transportation in the form of shuttles, which drive on 4 designated routes. The Blue Line is for those getting to the PATH Station but is also a great way to get to lower Hoboken for places such as Carlo’s Bakery or CVS. The Red line takes you to the heart of Hoboken as it circles around from the Observer Highway next to 1st Street through Madison and back to 9th Street. The Green Line is more residential than the Red and Blue lines, but it does provide an easy way to get to the 9th Street Light Rail station, which has an elevator to the Jersey City Heights. The Gray Line is the line that takes you to the back end of Hoboken, which has places such as Shop Rite, Bow Tie Cinemas, or Trader Joes. Hopefully, you take advantage of the beautiful and historic city of Hoboken and NYC by using the tools provided to you!

Written by 2/5 Engineering Undecided major, Antony Cruz.

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