Surrounding Area Events

The easiest way to enjoy Stevens and Hoboken is to join clubs on campus. Clubs at  Stevens can both further pre-existing interests or expose you to new fields you did not know you would like. With the wide variety of both professional and social clubs offered at Stevens, you will never be bored.


But of course, you can, and probably should, also take advantage of the close proximity of New York City and explore the city that never sleeps. While there will always be the option of going to events such as Broadway, sports, etc, the city also has pop up events that never fail to excite. Depending on the season, you can go to pop-up museums, food festivals, music festivals, as well as a vast variety of outdoor events.

In order to experience new events, I recommend referencing our Entertainment Committee. One of its purpose is to provide students with cheap tickets to cool events around Stevens. Unlike other clubs which you must join, the Entertainment Committee does not require commitment. In other words, you can be as involved as you would like – time and interest permitting. Last semester, for example, they took us to different
concerts, sports events, Broadway shows, and even a skiing trip. Although you could just stick to events that you already enjoy, I recommend that you take advantage of the cheap and easily accessed events to try things you normally would not consider.

If all else fails, several blogs are useful to follow for inspiration. Some of these blogs include Hoboken Girl, Hoboken Man, and TimeOut. Hoboken Girl and Hoboken Man will inform you of all the events offered within Hoboken, and TimeOut will keep you updated on all of the events offered in New York City. Regarding international students, One World offers events that not only keep you entertained during the holiday seasons, but also help you become acclimated to the new culture.

Written by Engineering Management student, Viviane Farnung

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