Hoboken Events

Hi everyone, I’m Tamer Asfar, a sophomore Quantitative Finance student here at Stevens. I was fortunate to receive the role of Peer Leader this year, and cannot wait to play a part in helping you maximize how great your Stevens experience can be. A huge part why I, and I am sure many of you chose Stevens, is the surrounding area. Hoboken is a great college town, and with Manhattan a short commute away, there are not many places in the United States that can compete with Stevens’ location. While views of Manhattan might be what you remember most about Hoboken, the variety of great events taking place in its community deserve recognition of their own.

The Hoboken community is just as young and lively as it is rich with culture. During the week, you will be focusing on academics, but when the weekend comes, you and your friends will surely be looking for ways to enjoy yourselves. While our great clubs and organizations almost always provide something fun to do, Hoboken too offers many different opportunities; here’s just a sample:

Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

Both a spring and a fall event, the Hoboken Music and Arts Festival showcases the work of over 200 artists, crafters, and photographers, offers a diverse range of food from all different ethnicities, and provides live musical performances from a variety of artists. A variety of vendors close off Washington Street to cars for the day, allowing for Hoboken’s residents to explore their city’s rich culture.


Because of its location, Hoboken has become a city that has attracted many different entrepreneurs and innovators. Every year, thousands of these people (18,000 over 2016 and 2017) come together at what is known as the Propelify Innovation festival. It is a fantastic venue to learn more about a complex field, gain helpful contacts, and enjoy the viewpoints of speakers from companies such as Dell, Sprint, and Jet.

Movies Under the Stars

When the weather turns warm, you are going to find yourself wanting to tan on the pier, stroll past dog parks, and toss frisbees and footballs on Hoboken’s lawns as often as possible. A great way to enjoy the weather is to attend Hoboken’s Movies Under the Stars with friends. Featuring a great lineup of movies, including La La Land, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Coco, the event is a great way to take a break from academics.

Now that you know a little bit about what Hoboken’s community has to offer, it is time to start marking calendars! Hoboken’s Fall Arts and Music Festival takes place September 30th at Hoboken City Hall this year, and Propellify and Movies Under the Stars will be returning towards the end of the Spring semester.

tam2 (Walk down Washington Street to see upcoming events!)

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