Student Discounts

Hi! My name is Darcy Rae McLaughlin and I’m a 2/4 biomedical engineering and biology double major who has aspirations of becoming a veterinarian someday. I am from Smithville, New Jersey and since my area is pretty rural and quiet, I never knew of all the businesses that work with college students, until I entered Hoboken at the start of my Stevens career. Like many other students, I quickly fell into the broke college student stereotype when I began to explore all the amazing food and awesome activities of Hoboken and New York City. However, what I didn’t know as this incoming freshman was that there are so many discounts of all types in the Stevens area, you don’t have to go broke while away at school! Here’s 5 types of discounts that I find extremely handy here at Stevens.

discount meme.png


Besides Washington Street Wednesday, where you can get food from select restaurants for a meal swipe, you can find many discounts every day in Hoboken simply by flashing your Stevens ID to the cashier or waitstaff. Places like Qdoba, Benny Tudinos, Mr. Wraps, and more all love to cater to the always hungry college students in Hoboken. They do so by offering a percentage discount off many food items. My advice: be smart and look up restaurants beforehand to see what kinds of discounts they advertise! It just might save you a few quick bucks!



Local Entertainment

One of the best parts of going to Stevens is the fact that you’re literally across the Hudson River from New York City! There’s always something going on in the area from 5k runs to concerts so it’s only necessary that you go out and check them out! You can find discounted broadway tickets through the Entertainment Committee’s trips to see some shows (take advantage of their awesome events – they work super hard and cater to choosing activities that Stevens students want to do and the events are always heavily discounted)! Additionally, many museums such as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many more offer discounts to students if they show valid ID! Additionally, there is the Brooklyn Botanic garden, AMC theaters, and Carnegie Hall who also offer student discounts, to name a few more activities.

Technology and Subscriptions

We all have phones and love to use Amazon but what if I told you that even companies as big as Samsung and Apple offer student discounts? Amazon offers a student Prime discount so you can still do your last-minute dorm supply shopping without breaking the bank. Additionally (and this is my favorite discount), Spotify and Hulu offer a bundle for about $5 per month and you get Spotify Premium and access to tons of TV shows and movies! Furthermore, even companies like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T offer discounts with proof of a valid ID!


Let’s face it: we all need to buy something at some point during our time at school. Luckily, the discounts expand even into the retail businesses. Whether you need clothes from Eddie Bauer or textbooks from Barnes and Noble, tons of stores offer a percentage off your entire purchase with proof of valid ID. Even the stores of Washington Street advertise student discounts, which you will see once you walk down that street a few times. Large companies like J Crew, Banana Republic, and even Kate Spade offer a 15% discount for college students, so feel free to express your shopping needs while at school!


Overlooked Discounts

Student discounts are so popular that even businesses like professional sports teams and insurance companies offer discounts for students! If you’re like me and wait until the last minute to send that birthday gift in the mail to your mom, UPS offers a 10% discount for students making that express shipping less of a burden! Also, ya like baseball? The New York Mets offer student tickets at $10 a piece with proof of valid ID so check out a game when you get the chance! And even if you don’t buy a Stevens laptop for school, you can still go to IT and get Microsoft Office for free!


To sum up: Eat ramen noodles because they taste good, not because you’ve gone broke. Use these tips and you’ll save more money than you’ve ever thought was possible for a college student! Good luck this year and always feel welcome to reach out to me!


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