What is a Peer Leader?

You’re probably wondering what is a Peer Leader? Well, your Peer Leader is going to be one of your biggest resources in your transition from high school to college, as well as, getting to know to the ins and outs of Stevens. Don’t be scared, your Peer Leaders were once in your shoes! Peer Leaders are current students on campus who are heavily involved with the hundreds of organizations and programs Stevens has to offer.


You should hear from your Peer Leader just before orientation. Ask any questions you may have in regards to Orientation or Stevens, in general. Each Peer Leader is responsible for leading a group of students through orientation programming. When you come for Orientation, you’ll meet your Peer Leader, as well as your group, and they will be your guide throughout Orientation. Peer Leaders will help you move-in and you might even meet some during Pre-Orientation. Your Peer Leader doesn’t just end at Orientation. You’ll meet with your Peer Leader once a month and they will help mentor you throughout the semester. Be sure to reach out to your Peer Leader and get to know more about what’s ahead for the school year!

Written by Glen Anna Abellana, Senior Computer Science Engineering Major.



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