Asking for Help

College is a very exciting time with all the new experiences heading your way, but there are also a lot of new responsibilities. Between living on your own, classes, and activities, things might seem a little stressful. Even as life at Stevens gets busy, you never need to fear as there are so many ways to ask for help.

I’m Maggie Pavlick, a 2/5 Mechanical engineering major from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. I remember wondering how I would possibly figure out how to keep up with classwork and living in a whole new environment, but it ended up being a much easier process than I expected. This was because I made sure to take full advantage off all the resources I was offered at Stevens. That’s why I want to let you  know how they can take advantage of those resources too and let freshman year be smooth sailing.

For some, managing classes in the most difficult part of school. That’s why there are always tutors available to make sure you never fall behind on your work. Tutors are upperclassmen who previously excelled in the classes that you are taking now. Signing up for a tutor is easy and can provide the one on one help that anyone may need. Even if you are not struggling in the class and are just looking to do some extra reviewing, the tutors will tailor their sessions to whatever you need to succeed. If a tutor isn’t for you, but you still have some questions here and there, the academic support center is located on the top floor of the library and always armed with knowledgeable upperclassmen who can help you with the courses they took in the past; just walk right in! Finally professors and teachers assistants want students to do well in their classes and will go out of their way to answer questions and hold office hours, so never be afraid to ask.


Outside of academics, there are many people you can ask about all kinds of questions. Your resident assistant (RA) will be right on your floor to answer questions about dorms or roommates. Throughout the year you can always come back to your peer leaders to ask about clubs and activities, classes, or even just the best place to get a slice of pizza. Everyone goes into college with questions and fears and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t need help sometimes, but with a great support network, you will soon have all the answers.

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