Off Campus Housing

This may be your first year here at Stevens, but you may be wondering what it is like to be an upperclassman. I am Antonio Elters and I lived in Davis Hall my freshman year. Living in Davis was an amazing experience and I made some of the best friends at Stevens through my floor. I currently live off campus in Stevens leased housing at the 800 Madison location and could not be happier!!

When it is time to apply for housing at the end of your first year, people usually try and find a group of people to live with. If you don’t have a group of friends, don’t worry! Residence life will try and place you in an apartment with others who also need roommates as well!

Living off campus is a great experience because it is one step closer to adulthood in a sense. I am living basically on my own where I cook, clean, do my own laundry etc and it is nice to be more independent. I have my own apartment through Stevens, so it is nice to have more space to myself as well as great amenities like laundry, a gym/pool, and a stunning rooftop view. Having an RA is a nice touch as well because whenever I lock myself out or need maintenance in my room, I can just call my RA and they will help me out with the process. My building isn’t too far from campus and there are shuttles that run all throughout the day, so whether I want to walk or to take the shuttle, I know I can get to campus pretty quickly. Living with roommates it super fun too because they are some of my best friends, and I can always rely on them if I need help with anything. All in all living off campus is a fantastic experience and I enjoy it a lot!


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