Living on Campus


I’m Matthew Monaco, a 2/5 computer science student from Branchburg, New Jersey. One of the most frightening aspects of college for me was the fact that I would be living away from family in a place that I barely know. Thankfully, on campus housing is the best way to make this transition because everything you need is right around you.

By living on-campus, you can take advantage of all the activities that go on over the course of the year. From comedians to cultural events, grocery bingo to midnight breakfast, there is always something for you and your friends to do. If you aren’t in the mood to go to an event, there are so many places to relax and destress.

One of the best attributes of Stevens is the campus is so easy to get around; everything is just a short walk away. I always woke up early for classes, but if you like to over use the snooze button, you can still get to your class in just a few minutes. The campus size is also super beneficial when you are walking back to your dorm after watching movies in your friend’s dorm until the middle of the night.

One of the big worries that many students and parents have about living on campus is safety. At Stevens, the campus police are always around and I have never felt scared on campus. In the event you do not feel safe, you can call the campus police non-emergency line to get a ride back to your dorm.

Campus Police Main Number – Dial 201.216.5105

Campus Police Emergency Number – 201.216.3911


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