Study Tips

You’ve already proven your diligent study habits and work ethic by getting into Stevens, so it can be easy to get stuck in your high-school routine. Most of the times you’ve heard the phrase, “That isn’t going to fly in college,” it was most likely true, so it is important to know how to adjust your study habits.


Hi! I’m Hailey Tanner, a rising sophomore Chemical Engineering student from Freehold, NJ. I am sharing with you study tips to make freshman year a breeze. I myself followed these guidelines, making my first year at Stevens a success, and I have no doubt that yours will be one too!



  • Rewrite notes/use flashcards: Since notes taken in class can sometimes be messy or hard to follow, it is helpful to rewrite them before exams. While it may not seem like it, this will help you remember core ideas, and then you can reread them before starting practice problems. Flashcards can also help you learn key terms and concepts that are essential to the material. Even looking at them a couple times between classes can help you learn them in no time.


  • Do not procrastinate: While time off is necessary, when you see yourself taking too much time away from work, use some of it to get ahead. In high school I’m sure cramming the day before a test for a few hours would be good enough to get a good grade, but at Stevens that definitely isn’t the case. But if you plan out when you need to begin studying and what you should tackle each day, you’ll have no problem. Just remember…practice makes perfect!
  • Make a schedule: A planner of some kind, whether it be on paper or on the computer, is great at keeping you from becoming overwhelmed. If just writing down due dates isn’t working well enough for, you can even try allotting certain times throughout the day for specific tasks. I use this method a lot, writing down when I can do work and what work specifically, as well as time for breaks. Remember: no matter how hard you study, if you don’t give your brain a break here and there, you won’t be able to do your best!
  • Use your resources: While some of the wordy textbooks can seem confusing, they do have a lot of great resources for studying. Using the summaries in the back of the chapter helps review key concepts, and the practice problems also help prepare for exams. Some professors even post videos, PowerPoints and practice problems to help you study, so USE THEM!
  • DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP: No matter how brilliant you are, everyone needs help at some point, so don’t be afraid to ask! Everyone here at Stevens wants to help you do the best you possibly can!


    1. Office hours (All professors have scheduled office hours that they will provide to you on the first day of classes, but if these times don’t fit in your schedule, many will be happy to  make time to meet with you based on your availability.)
    2. Tutor/tutoring center (If you find yourself struggling on your own, you can request a tutor on the academic support center’s website, or even go to the walk-in tutoring center in the library whenever you need help! Just look for someone with a sign that lists the course you need help in.)
    3. Friends (A lot of times just talking things over with a buddy from class is all you need! So don’t think asking them for help makes you any less smart!)

I hope these five study tips will help you this year! Good luck and welcome to Stevens!

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