Stevens Study Spots

Studying seems like such a simple task. We’ve all done it for so long we’re basically pros by now. Whether we were studying for AP Tests or the SAT each of us found a way to study that works for us. Although we think we’re pros studying in college is a lot different than studying at home. Hopefully, these tips on different places to study around campus will help you on your way to an A.

My name is Patrick Catanzaro and I’m a 3/5 Chemical Engineering major from Staten Island, New York. Going into my freshman year, studying was the least of my worries. I’ve been studying for years, how could this be much different? Then the first wave of tests came around and I found it more and more difficult to stay focused while studying in my room. So I started looking around campus for other places to study, which weren’t very hard to find because there are so many. Here are a few of my favorites:


The library quickly became my go-to place not only for studying, but also for doing homework as well. Our library has 3 floors. The first floor is set up with long tables and whiteboards to encourage group work, I often find myself working here with friends after class. Going up to the second floor there are booths and high chairs, so you can do work as a group with friends or individually. Finally, the third floor is designated as the quiet floor where everyone works in complete silence, which is perfect for those intense study sessions for big tests.

The library isn’t the only place though there are many other locations on campus you can study at. When I only have a quick break between classes, I’ll go to one of the many desks or tables set up in Babbio to get an early start on my work before I head over to my next class. The final place that I go to study from time to time is Hayden Lounge. On the ground floor of Hayden Hall, there is a lounge area with multiple tables around that you can get a group together and hold study sessions with friends in your class to ensure you all ace your test.

All in all, there are many different places on campus to study, even more than I listed above. Once you get into the swing of the school year you’ll soon find your own go to study spot. No matter where it is I wish you all the best in your first year.

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