First Year Orientation

Hello everyone! My name is Thomas Agin and I am a 2/5 Mechanical Engineer from Manahawkin, New Jersey, and I will be one of the Peer Leaders for the incoming class of 2022. As the summer is pretty much settled in, I am sure you are starting to wondering what your Freshman Orientation experience in August will be like. Orientation Week is probably the busiest you’ll ever be in your first year at Stevens. Your days will be filled with listening to presentations, doing activities with your Orientation Group, running all around campus to get a better idea of what your time at Stevens will come to be. If only there was more than 24 hours in a day!

There is absolutely nothing to fear over Orientation. Everyone coming into the class of 2022 alongside of you is going to be experiencing the same things for the first time as well. Peer Leaders, faculty, and staff are incredibly welcoming and are willing to help with any problems you have. Some of the us were in your shoes just one year ago and understand completely what it is like to be swallowed up in the excitement of orientation.


There are a ton of fun and exciting events that happen during Orientation. The definite highlight of my Orientation experience was an event held on campus with a whole bunch of activities for the Orientation groups to participate in and get to bond closer as fellow students. We got to hype each other up to participate and cheer everyone on as all the Orientation groups played and completed the activities. It was a blast and my fellow incoming freshman and I got to have a super fun time that day and make great memories. 
Above all things when going through Orientation, try to enjoy as much of it as possible because you’re only going to have this introduction to Stevens once. Unless you become a Peer Leader that is! Become friends with your fellow orientation members and Peer Leader, try to soak everything up, and have a good time. I can’t wait to meet everyone in August, and have an amazing semester with you all. Go Ducks!

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