Meeting New People

Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read my post on meeting new people! My name is Tim Kolankowski and I am rising junior at Stevens, majoring in Finance, and minoring in Pre-Law & Public Policy. Just to let you all know a little bit about what I do on campus, I am the Governance Committee Chair of the Stevens Honor Board, Secretary of the Philosophy Club, a tutor in the Academic Support Center, and a former Peer Mentor now turned Peer Leader. This summer, I am interning at Wakefern Food Corp. in the firm’s compliance division. My aspirations after Stevens include going to law school and working as an attorney in the realm of securities law. That is just a little bit about myself, and without further adieu, here is my take on meeting new people!


The transition from high school to college is one of the most exciting changes in a young college student’s life. College life offers you a unique opportunity to further explore the world around you, and with the greatest city in the world just a PATH train ride away, it is hard not to be at least a little eager. At the same time, the move from the high school to the college ranks can be daunting. It is not easy to leave a high school where you know so many, to a novel location where you quite possibly know no one. In the days leading up to my move to Hoboken, I was nervous, just as I would imagine some of you are. I repeatedly found myself stressing over how I would make new friends and deciding what organizations to join on campus. If you are at all concerned like I was, do not worry. You are in the best of hands.

From the moment you step foot on campus, you will have the chance to meet plenty of new people and make countless new friends. Your first days on campus are a fantastic time to meet and get to know other freshmen that are in the exact same position as you are! Whether it is during the adventurous pre-orientation activities, exciting orientation events, or even back at your dorm, you will have plenty of time to be able to connect with our fun and diverse group of Stevens students. Personally, I met some of my best friends during orientation. Going through orientation with others new to the Stevens community, reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

In addition to orientation, another outstanding way to meet people with similar interests as you is to get involved with our fabulous student organizations. At Stevens, we have a club or organization for pretty much everything. From Archery Club to Poetry Club and everything in between, there are truly endless ways to get involved, try new things, and get to know a lot of marvelous people along the way. Also, if you have a special interest and there is no club for it. No need to worry! Stevens allows you and your buddies to create and run the organization yourselves! Ultimately, our diverse student-run organizations that give back to the community and allow for personal growth make Stevens not only a school, but a home. My involvement with the Stevens Honor Board, Philosophy Club, Academic Support Center, and various intramurals, has allowed me to establish some valuable friendships that I would not have been able to make had it not been for these organizations. Simply put, get involved. You will have a blast!


For those of you that are still anxious about coming to Stevens, I hope this helps encourage you that everything is going to be fine. It is very easy to meet plenty of new people and make an equal amount of close friends. For those of you who are not as nervous, I hope I dropped some helpful knowledge and made you even more excited about joining us on Castle Point. Thanks again for taking the time to read my post, and welcome to Stevens! I know you will do great!


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