Academic Expectations

Starting college is a big step that is often daunting for many incoming students, especially at an academically rigorous school such as Stevens. Expectations are high, and there can be a lot of stress for smart, driven students. I was personally anxious and intimidated when I first started classes, but I soon realized there was no reason to be.

I’m Darya Dehkan, a 3/4 Biomedical Engineer from Whippany, New Jersey. I was extremely anxious when I first came to Stevens. In high school, I took multiple honor and AP courses, and was used to academic rigor and challenges. With the reputation that Stevens has, it is easy for students to become stressed and highly self-critical. In order to avoid falling into this trap, it is important to remember not to compare yourself to others. Everyone has different talents, strengths, and weaknesses. Something that someone may be really good at you may not be and vice versa.

Additionally, try not to be too hard on yourself about grades. It is easier said than done, but it’s important to remember that classes are difficult, and as long as you try your best then that is all that matters. It is unrealistic to study for 24 hours straight each day. You need to take time for yourself, spend time with friends, and be involved in extracurricular activities.


Lastly, use your resources. In order to meet the academic expectations that both yourself and Stevens have set, don’t be afraid to go and seek help for subjects or topics that are difficult for you to understand. Besides friends and study groups, Stevens offers walk in tutoring, professor office hours, and test reviews all which are super helpful.

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