Stevens Leadership Opportunities

Hi everyone! I’m Alessandra, a 5/5 mechanical engineering major from Fair Haven, NJ.  The past four years at Stevens have truly been the most exciting and transformative years of my life, and I’m so happy I get to have one last year as well. Looking back on the person I was coming into college versus who I am now, there is a world of difference. I came to Stevens expecting to learn all about calculus and physics and engineering, and to hopefully make a few friends and enjoy the view.

If you told me then that over the course of the next four years, I would join a sorority, become the Vice President of my sorority, become a tour guide, become a Peer Leader, or any number of other activities I’ve done, I would’ve said you were wild. But as you’ll soon learn, it’s nearly impossible not to get wrapped up in the excitement and energy of the Stevens community.


There is something out there for everyone, and a million different ways to get involved. Between all of our RSOs (Registered Student Organizations), Greek life, sports teams, Student Government, Residence Life, and more, I guarantee you will find a like-minded group of people and a role that you are passionate about. The greatest advice I can give is to keep an open-mind. Even if you don’t peg yourself as the take-charge type of person, the person who will run for Vice President of your sorority/fraternity, or give tours of our beautiful campus to potential students and families, you will likely find that change over your next four years.

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