Stevens Community & Culture

Laura 4

Hi all! First off, I’d like to extend a huuuuuge warm welcome to the incoming Class of 2022! My name is Laura Oliveto and I am one of the Peer Leaders that will be welcoming you all at orientation! I am a senior Software Engineering major, Computer Science minor, from Williamstown, New Jersey, and this will be my third time being involved with orientation. This blog post will give you a little insight to the Stevens culture and community we have going on here! I hope this helps you all get a better idea of what to expect when you arrive, and hopefully get you feeling more excited to start your college journey here!

Being a school on the smaller scale, Stevens naturally harbors a very close knit community. Wherever you go on this 4 block wide campus, you’ll always find a friendly face waving to you and saying “Hey!”. While this may sound intimidating to some, I find it comforting being able to see my friends all over campus. This also extends to professors, too! With our small student-to-faculty ratio, your tour guides were serious when they said most of your professors know you by name. This makes for great research and career opportunities! Stevens encourages innovation (fitting, as the innovation university). The students here are always working on group projects or research. I’ve never seen anyone turn down a chance to help someone out with their Economics homework, or help study for that Mechanics of Solids exam. You’ll easily be able to find a study group, and work together to succeed together. This is one of my favorite things about Stevens, the awesome sense of camaraderie that encourages everyone to be the best they can possible be!

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Stevens also does an awesome job at giving students a chance to find their home away from home. There are so many organizations to join, but here are just a few: the Torch Alliance, the Ethnic Student Council, Student Government Association, Greek life, club sports, political clubs, you name it! I recommend checking out any club you even have a slight interest in during your first semester, pick two or three you like best, and get as involved as possible! For me, these clubs are the Women’s Club Soccer Team and Sorority Life. You’re bound to find students with similar interests as you, but I also recommend trying new things!

Because we are located in arguably the best town in New Jersey, Stevens culture overlaps with Hoboken culture – fun, modern, and foody! The festivals, cute coffee shops, boutiques, and food places make for a perfect college town. I would say most students here are always down to try a new place to eat or spend a lazy afternoon on one of the piers that looks out at the New York City skyline. Here at Stevens you’ll find a bright, enthusiastic, and adventurous group of students getting an awesome education and having a great time while doing so. Hope you’re ready to join in!


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