Awaiting Your Stevens Arrival

Hello everyone! I hope you are all excited to be joining the Stevens community and are looking forward to orientation. My name is Pujan Shah, one of this year’s Peer Leaders, and will be a 4 out of 5 mechanical engineer doing co-op (don’t worry you will get used to the whole out of 5 deal soon enough). I am from Montville, New Jersey and am super excited to be welcoming in the Class of 2022. This blog post is meant to give you a little bit of insight into what you should know as an incoming student at Stevens. Joining the Stevens community will be exciting and new, and hopefully this blog post will help you keep a few things in mind to make this transition even easier.

Upon arriving at StevensPujan3 you will learn very quickly that the Peer Leaders (PL) you meet will be a great resource for you to use and get to know for just about anything. The Peer Leaders here at Stevens are super enthusiastic and excited to meet you all so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and say, “hi”. Peer Leaders are a great resource for you to ask any questions you have regarding just about anything. If they may not know the answer directly, they will definitely know who you can go to in order to get your questions answered. Remember that PLs have been in your shoes in the past so they remember what their first day at Stevens was like.

Also at Stevens, it is important to know that Hoboken is a community that has so much to offer. Other than being very convenient to get to New York City, take either the PATH train or the bus, there is a lot that you can do in Hoboken itself! Being a relatively small town, it is really easy to walk to pretty much anything. Whether you need to get supplies from 

CVS or Walgreen’s, try one of the many fantastic restaurants in town, or just spend some time on the lovely pier along the Hudson river; Hoboken has it all! Becoming familiar with the town is something that may seem daunting at first but will happen very quickly! Once you walk around town a couple of times, you will learn to know of where everything is. There are also a lot of way to get involved by volunteering your time at places such as the Homeless Shelter, annual music festival, or park cleanups, if that is something you enjoy doing.

Finally, don’t feel afraid to try new things and get involved early. Stevens has a lot to offer especially when it comes to the over 100 clubs and student organizations. There is something for everyone at Stevens, and you should know that as a Freshman you should not feel intimidated to join something that interests you or to try something new. Always know that the Stevens community is a supportive one and there are always people around you to talk to and ask questions about anything.

We are all very excited to be welcoming you all in just a couple months. Here at Stevens, you will make life long relationships, develop as an individual, and most importantly become part of an amazing flock of individuals. Welcome to Stevens, Class of 2022!!


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